Writing Endeavors: Taking a Chance

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Lately, I’ve been writing a lot more often than normal. The following story is a one shot that I wrote last week. I liked it so much that I thought I’d share! I hope you enjoy! Any constructive criticism is welcome. Thank you!


Layla peered around her computer, listening to the rapid tap tap tap of keys in the empty lab. Well, it was no longer empty. She had not heard the sound of the glass door opening or closing. So deep was she lost in her thoughts that the world disappeared around her.

The incessant tapping was coming from a boy Layla recognized was in her first level Woman’s Studies course. There was no doubt in her mind that Kade was working feverishly on his three page response to the recent feminist movement.

She smiled at his furrowed brow. He looked handsome, even more so than she thought on a regular basis. Kade was brilliant and passionate. That was part of the reason why she found him attractive. He also wore these silly graphic shirts that suggested he still had a child’s heart.

A few weeks ago, Kade had walked into class wearing a Doctor Who shirt. She nearly lost it, squealing in silent delight. The grin that was etched on her face proved to be unbearably inconspicuous. That day she hid her face in her book throughout the entire lecture.

Layla was afraid to approach Kade. She was intimated. He used words like abase and advocacy; words that were difficult to comprehend at times. She sometimes wished she carried a dictionary just to keep up with him in class.

She tried to get back to editing her story, but thoughts of him clouded the recesses of her mind. She liked it when he smiled, which he rarely did. But when he found something amusing, the corner of his mouth quirked up and his eyes sparkled a dazzling blue. She wanted to make him laugh. She bet her savings that he had a contagious laugh that filled the atmosphere with an unexplainable amount of light.

Her eyes flickered back to the monitor. She tapped her right forefinger lightly on letter J, debating whether she should take a chance and talk to him. Layla was never the kind of girl to approach a guy, nor was she was the kind of girl where guys approached her. She had always been quiet, not too quiet to the point where she was a hermit. Because of this men didn’t generally look twice at her. She was the kind of girl who practically lived at the library and found comfort in books; a girl who lived in her head more than she lived life. She was the type of girl who liked boys who were way out of her league.

For example: Kade.

She hadn’t noticed that the tapping had stopped from across the room. Nor, did she notice that Kade had walked towards her until he softly said her name.

Layla looked up, her eyes widening at his closeness. She mentally slapped herself. Stop it! You’ll look like an owl!  Hopefully, he’ll think he just startled you.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

She felt warmth pooling at her cheeks.

“You’re in Baker’s class with me, right?”

She nodded.

“This may seem strange,” he started, “but I like your Zelda shirt.”

Layla couldn’t help but smile. She was practically swooning by his presence.

“Would you like to grab coffee with me? I’m heading down to the café now and I was wondering if you would like to join me if you’re finished with-”

“Yes,” she interrupted, “I’d love to.” She could see that he was embarrassed – that he didn’t seem to do this often. She saved him from himself or else he would have looked like a babbling caveman. She found it endearing and adorable.

Layla gathered up her things, saving a copy of her work to a flashdrive and logging off her computer. As they exited the computer lab, Kade opened the door for her, his blue eyes lighting up the dim room.

She never would have thought that he would be the guy who had stolen her heart.

© 2014, Emma @ Books Forget Me Knot. All rights reserved.


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  1. You’re such a great writer. I’d love to read more of your stuff. I really enjoyed it!

  2. Ah, this is adorable, lovely! ❤


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