52 short stories in 52 weeks

My friend Anna from The Writer Diaries brought this writing challenge to my attention a couple of days ago and I could not resist! The goal is attainable and not overly ambitious. One of my goals for 2016 is to write more and that I will do. Not only do I want to continue mastering the art of writing; I also want to explore new avenues and prompts I would never have stumbled upon on my own.

The challenge is based on writing advice from Ray Bradbury. He is an advocate for writing and an inspiring supporter for all aspiring writers. Bradbury once said that the “best hygiene for beginning writers or intermediate writers is to write a hell of a lot of short stories. If you can write one short story a week—doesn’t matter what the quality is to start, but at least you’re practicing, and at the end of a year you have 52 short stories, and I defy you to write 52 bad ones.”

Together, Anna and I, will write a short story every week. Exciting! Who else would like to join in on the challenge?

Here are the following prompts:

1. A story entitled “A New Beginning”.

2. A story about rising to a challenge.

3. A retelling of a fairytale.

4. A story about three siblings.

5. A story set in London.

6. A story about finding something that has been lost.

7. A story about a journey.

8. A story set during a war.

9. A creepy story.

10. A story featuring a countdown.

11. A story set at a full moon.

12. A story about a contest or competition.

13. A story that takes place entirely inside a vehicle.

14. A story from a villain’s perspective.

15. A story set at a concert or festival.

16. A story that begins with a gunshot.

17. A story set in a country you’ve never been to.

18. A story about a historical figure.

19. A story set in a theatre.

20. A story written in 2nd person narrative.

21. A story set on another planet.

22. A story written from the perspective of someone dead/undead

23. A story about a birthday.

24. A story that ends on a cliffhanger.

25. A story set at the summer solstice.

26. A story about nostalgia.

27. A story that features a song or poem.

28. A story that ends at sunrise.

29. A story opening with the words “F*** you!”

30. A story about a magical object.

31. A story set at sea.

32. A story about a curse.

33. A story set 100 years in the future.

34. A story about loneliness.

35. A story that features a real recent newspaper article.

36. A story written from an animal’s perspective.

37. A story about a scientific discovery.

38. A story set on another planet.

39. A story with only one character.

40. A story about a secret.

41. A romance that ends in tragedy.

42. A tragedy that ends in romance.

43. A retelling of a recent Hollywood movie.

44. A story that takes place the year you were born.

45. A story about a near-death experience.

46. A story about anger.

47. A story about a magic spell.

48. A story set in a strange small town.

49. A story about justice being done.

50. A creation myth.

51. A story set at Christmas.

52. A story entitled “The End”.

I wish you all luck if you chose to pursue this writing challenge! 🙂


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  1. Reblogged this on that beastly onion and commented:
    This seems like a great idea- I plan to give it a go! Some lovely prompts 🙂

  2. Have you been doing this? I am doing it and loving it. I’m 2 stories ahead for the year. I’ve even written some stories I like.

    • Yes! I’ve missed a couple of weeks but I love how it helps with my writing. Have you liked any that you want to expand to a full length novel?

      • Might have a couple so far. I have a writing accountability partner, and she thinks one I’ve shared so far is worthy of a longer story. What about you?

      • I’ve been straying a little from the prompts! Have you posted yours on your blog? 🙂

      • No, I haven’t posted my new ones to my blog. Kinda stepped away from this blog. *shrug* 🙂 I can send a google doc link, if you want to share email.

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