Seven Days

Seven Days - Wendy x IanWhat if fate gave you a second chance? Would you take it?

Wendy dies moments after she confesses her love to Ian Ryder. Distraught and grief stricken, he manages to be consumed by sleep only to wake up the next morning to none other than Wendy herself. He can’t believe that she’s actually there, right in front of him, alive and well…not dead. After the confusing and disorienting images from last night ebb away he concludes that it was all just a horrible nightmare.

But then something undeniable happens. Moments that had occurred the previous week unravel once more, and Ian cannot ignore them. Something has happened.

Something that has altered time.

Something that could possibly save her.

In a story about friendship, loss, time, and love – Ian will undergo a journey of self-discovery and realization that he’d never known before.



Chapter One: Lost Time

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