One summer – tWanderlust Coverhat’s what Shae Mitchell had before she started college in the fall. She embarks on a whirlwind journey through Europe, dreaming of the lush countrysides and age-old cities. Along the way she meets an unlikely companion, a muse-less writer named Noah who seeks an adventure of his own.

Together, with nothing but a handful of euros and a backpack of clothes, the two run rampant with a somewhat disastrous – though utterly romantic – adventure of their own.


Table of Contents

One – Dreaming of London

Two – Museless Writer

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  1. Are you an Emma Watson fan? Just wondering. I noticed a lot of her pictures on your blog.

    • Yes! Emma Watson is one of my favorite actresses 🙂

      • Mine too! She is such an amazing actress. Did you see the Harry Potter films?

      • Of course! I’ve seen them all 🙂 I also saw her in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. She was flawless.

      • LOL, go figure! I haven’t seen the Perks yet. I do know that she was using an American accent (was the accent good?) and that Logan Lerman was in it, and I just LOVED him in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

      • I thought her accent was pretty good 🙂 She shed her Hermoine skin! xD And I absolutely adore Logan Lerman! I’m so excited for Sea of Monsters to come out soon! 😀

      • I watched YouTube video of Emma Watson on a show and she was asked to do an American accent. I found it pretty hilarious.
        I bet she did “shed her Hermione skin.”
        I can’t wait for the Sea of Monsters either. I hope it’ll be EPIC : )

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