Simply Sunday #32

simply sunday

Simply Sunday is a reading meme hosted by Books For a Delicate Eternity. It’s where you share your favorite quote; be it from a book, movie, novella, song, ect.

My favorite quote this week is anonymous:

Everyone wants a strong woman

until she actually stands up, flexes her muscles,

projects her voice


Suddenly, she is too much.

She has forgotten her place.


You love those women

as ideas, as fantasies


Not as breathing, living humans

threatening to be even better

than you could ever be

Why I Chose It

Last weekend a monumental historic event unfolded. Women (and supports for Women’s Rights) marched all over the world, igniting a fire that lead to revolution. Yet, despite the efforts to stand up for equality there are still many who see the protest as “bitching” and “unnecessary.” Women who fight, who speak up, are treated as feminazis. It is disheartening. It is appalling to think that women who are privileged (those of us who live in the U.S. or in countries who do not oppress women) do not have any claim to feel repressed because of the so-called equality we have now.

I am tired. My fellow sisters are tired. It is ridiculous to lift women up as inspirational role models in media such as literature, t.v., movies, ect. but not treat real life warriors to that same extent. If the idea of a strong woman is desirable, is inspiring, then they should be seen as such in all areas of life.


What do you think of the recent events? Do you agree or disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts down below.

Lastly, I apologize with the sudden political content on my blog. I’ve recently found beauty in rebellion, in voicing my concerns with the world.



What Is Love?

musings of a writer tres

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I may already be in love with him.

Is it possible to fall in love with someone you’ve only gone out with twice? There’s something different about Noah (not his real name). The way he is so attentive and sweet. His eyes are blue, while his irises are a soft yellow. Not golden. Just…soft.

Did I mention how he bought advance 3D tickets to The Day of The Doctor Monday night?

Just the way he holds me shows me how much he cares about me and that’s it’s not just about sex. The guys I’ve talked to this year…well, that’s what mattered most to do them. But with Noah…there’s something more. Something that I’ve always wanted to have, but never had the chance to experience, except now.

I love just…talking to him. Before I even met him, we talked on the phone for hours. Time didn’t seem to exist when I talked to him. An hour could go by and it only felt like 5 minutes had passed. He’s concrete, stable. There’s an underlining substance to his actions, his words. He’s like a poem I want to read every day, only to find a new meaning to the words.

It’s scary. It’s even a little bit crazy. But like I said…I may already love him. It’s just so crazy and illogical. Isn’t there a saying…when you know, you just know? Isn’t love illogical and irrational? Isn’t it unexpected? Isn’t that the best kind?

So many questions. So many thoughts running through my head. All I know is that he is slowly, but surely capturing my heart.


I know this is completely out of the norm for my posts, but Noah is a new piece of my life. I want to share him with all of you when the time comes. For now, he’ll remain a vague mystery.

26 Weeks Posts Challenge: 28 of April

I am super duper late posting this! Even as I write I am buried underneath a pile of English homework. It’s slowly sucking every once of creativity I have left in my body.

The BA Posting Challenge is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Bonnie from Bookish Ardour. To learn more about this bookish challenge, click here, which will direct you to more information and weekly topics.

This weeks topic is: Disgruntled Blogger: What are some of the cons you’ve discovered when it comes to blogging?

Some of the cons (which isn’t really a con) I’ve discovered is not having enough time to blog. Personally, I wish I could post once a day and right now that isn’t an option as the semester is ending and I’m bombarded by final projects and papers. Time is of the essence, they say, and I often find myself behind posting reviews, taking part in reading blog tour posts than I’m a part of. Currently, I am only 1 review behind and I’m really happy about that.

Another con may be accepting book review requests. I am majorly behind. I need to review about 4 books, that I have not even read from authors who have personally contacted me. Not to mention that I have about 6 books from Netgalley that I have yet to touch and thus, not review.

I’m truly awful. I just can’t say no. And frankly, I don’t want to say no because I like helping indie, self-publishing authors. But not having time is the problem. I also hate myself for reading other books that I personally want to read rather than those that I have agreed to. That’s a failure on my part. I’m also probably the worst book blogger in the world.

I haven’t come in contact with spam *knocks on wood* nor have I received hate mail, which I hope both never happen. The only con seems to be not having the time to book blog as much as I’d hope. I also really hate myself for putting my writing on hold because of time and because my inspiration has dissipated. That was the reason for this blog to begin with, to show case my writing. I could only hope that this summer I will get to do a lot more of both!

What are some of the cons you’ve encountered while blogging? Share your thoughts below!



26 Weeks Posts Challenge: 21 of April

TBA's 26 Posts Challenge for Book Bloggershe BA Posting Challenge is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Bonnie from Bookish Ardour. To learn more about this bookish challenge, click here, which will direct you to more information and weekly topics.

This week’s topic is: Book Lies: Have you ever lied about reading a book (if so, what was it)? Would you?

I don’t think I’ve ever lied about reading a book. What would be the point? If it’s to impress a boy or a group of friends, then it’s inevitable that the lie will be caught. People would then ask what your favorite part was or what particular insight you gained from the novel. What could you do? Say that’s it been a while since you’ve read it. Or you could possibly dig yourself a hole. Bookworms know when a person has not read the book so you’d be caught and never trusted again.

Sometimes, I would like to lie about reading a book, especially if it’s bad and I don’t want to write a bad review. But I brave it and I try not to book bash as much as I can. That’s the only reason I could think of to lie about a book I’ve read. But most likely I wouldn’t do so. It seems kind of pointless.

I never understood the concept of lying about something you’ve read. What are your reasons if so or your thoughts about it? Let me know in the comments down below!

26 Weeks Posts Challenge: 14 of April

Hello lovely readers!

Today I bring you an ultra cool and brilliant blog challenge hosted by Bonnie from Bookish Ardour. Rather than creating a 30 day bookish blog challenge, Bonnie has created a 26 week posting challenging. To learn more about the rules, feel free to click on the picture which will direct you to Bookish Ardour’s website.

This week’s post topic is: Loving Blogging: What do you love about book blogging and book blogs?

Book blogging was never my intention when I first started this website a couple of months ago. My website was going to showcase my current WIP’s and hope to find a new home for them here. But then this website became a home for something I loved to do as well. Book Blogging.

I’m an avid reader and love books like they were my own children. I wrote measly reviews of some books I read and posted on Goodreads. But that was about it. I kind of got inspired to start my own Book Blogging site after seeing some others out there. The thing I love about Book Blogging is sharing my thoughts. I can go on and on about how much I adored a book, sometimes I even fangirl if a book is AMAZING. I have to stop myself sometimes because then it just becomes a bunch of nonsense.

I also love being able to introduce books to other people. In the last few months, I have talked some people into reading some of my favorite YA series’ like Under The Never Sky, Shatter Me, and The Luxe. I also love being able to help and promote indie authors by reading their work and telling all you lovely people out there about it.

Book Blogging has helped my expand my reading horizons. I’ve read NA and horror fiction in the last two months, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It has also expanded my circle of friends. Other book bloggers and authors.

It’s an all around great experience and I’m glad I joined the ranks!

Some of my favorite blogs are:

Kelly from Belle of the Literati. I absolutely LOVE all her content. She’s inspired me to post a Top Ten Tuesday one day because they look engaging and fun to make.

Zach from Zach’s YA Reviews. He reviews YA novels with minimum to no spoilers. Zach’s book blog is actually the first book blog I ever found and became really active in reading.  He also hosts a lot of really neat giveaways!

Jade from Bookish Feelings Recorded who practically loves all the books I love. She’s just amazing and I love her reviews!

Finally, there is Anna from The Writer Diaries who is my best friend and partner-in-crime. We kind of went into this book blogging business together. Her reviews are honest, funny, and she’s just an amazing person all around.

If you love reading reviews be sure to check them out some time! You’ll pos-it-tute-ly love them just as much as I do!