Simply Sunday #7

simply sunday

Simply Sunday is a reading meme hosted by Books For a Delicate Eternity. It’s where you share your favorite quote; be it from a book movie, novella, song, ect.

My favorite quote this week is from Emily Bronte, one of my all-time favorite classic authors.

He’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.

Why I Chose It

This resonates of love. When you find that person you want to spend the rest of your life with, it’s because they essentially are the missing half of you. They are calm, where you are frantic. They are free-spirited when you are quiet but daring. Of course, there are similarities that are binding and comforting; qualities and likes that bring people together, forming a foundation to love.

And when that person loves you, they know you. Truly. Deeply.

I may have gotten what the quote’s true interpretation wrong. What do you think? Let me know down in the comments!

Got your own Simply Sunday? Leave a link down below! Or if you don’t, let me know what was your favorite simple thing this week :)


Book Review: Pawn (The Blackcoats Rebellion #1) by Aimee Carter

Author: Aimee Carter

Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Release date: November 26, 2013

Purchase from Amazon | Barnes & Noble


For Kitty Doe, it seems like an easy choice. She can either spend her life as a III in misery, looked down upon by the higher ranks and forced to leave the people she loves, or she can become a VII and join the most powerful family in the country.

If she says yes, Kitty will be Masked—surgically transformed into Lila Hart, the Prime Minister’s niece, who died under mysterious circumstances. As a member of the Hart family, she will be famous. She will be adored. And for the first time, she will matter.

There’s only one catch. She must also stop the rebellion that Lila secretly fostered, the same one that got her killed …and one Kitty believes in. Faced with threats, conspiracies and a life that’s not her own, she must decide which path to choose—and learn how to become more than a pawn in a twisted game she’s only beginning to understand. — Goodreads


An e-galley was provided from the publisher through Netgalley for an honest review.

First, I’d like to comment on the cover. It is beautiful! I love it’s simplicity and the detail depicting Kitty Doe’s initial III and the pawn piece on the right-hand corner. I also love the semblance of Kitty’s eye within the intricate circle disk. Kudos to the designer of the cover.

I read Pawn within a span of a few months because 1. I read my kindle whenever I am running errands and 2. I lost (misplaced?) my kindle. I recently found it last Sunday and picked up reading where I left off.

I found Pawn interesting with it’s dystopian world. In Kitty Doe’s world, when you reach the age of sixteen you are given a test that ultimately decides your role in society. Only those who are of intellect have a decent life, while the Hart’s are the only ones who are deemed at VII – elite status and the governing force for America. Those who earn a III or lower are cast off in society with low wage, trivial jobs or sent Elsewhere to be hunted like animals and slaughtered. But in the shadows, there is a rebellion to overthrow the Hart’s and their power.

What I really liked about Pawn was the never ending lies and deceit. Mystery was laced in every chapter and as the reader, we discover those truths along with Kitty. I never seemed to be ahead of the game. I absolutely love that!

Because of the edge of mystery, the story moved along smoothly. The chapters were short and full of cliffhangers. So, it is only natural that I wanted to keep on reading. I wanted – nay – needed to know what would happen to these characters.

As for the protagonist – I liked Kitty. I like that she sacrificed her own will in order to save those she loves. She was also strong mentally. There were things that happened, things that she saw, but she always kept her head up. That is an admirable quality. Then there is sweet, loyal Benjy and mysterious, passionate Knox. When it comes to secrets, there is no better candidate than Knox.

I was afraid of a love triangle, but Carter has not shown an interest in that trope. Hopefully, it does not come to pass! Between Benjy and Knox, I don’t know who’d I pick. But I loved them both. Maybe I loved Knox a little more because he appeared in the book more than Benjy. If Carter does not introduce a love triangle between the three of them (Kitty, Benjy, Knox) then I will be happy. A girl and a boy could be friends without having the possibility of a romance. Am I right?

Speaking about love, there was actually a lack of it. There were a few sweet moments between Benjy and Kitty, but that was not a main focus. The absence of love was also seen between the Hart family, which despised one another. Augusta, who is the Prime Minister’s mother, was ruthless and cold. Then, there is Celia who sought revenge for the death of her family, and whose role in the rebellion was more than anyone could have guessed. And then, let’s not forget the Prime Minister himself, who has a few secrets of his own. Lastly, there is Greyson who wants nothing to do with the sick game his family plays. He is the only character who is loved in the family. But they sure do have a funny way of showing it. *hint hint*

Overall, I really liked the aspect of this book.  I found the world interesting and sad all at the same time, yet cast societies do exist in the world today. Even in America based on my sociology and anthropology studies.  – I have never read anything by Aimee Carter and had a good experience with her work. The writing and world was solid, while keeping me engaged the entire time; flipping the pages like a maniac. But it left me…indifferent. I don’t know how to explain it. It was good and I would read the second installment, but…there was just something about it that leaves me blank.

Please do not take my word as holy. It was a good dystopian and I liked it. I recommend it to those who like the genre in YA. Like I said, it was a pretty fast-paced read that kept me wanting more, which deems it 3 cupcakes!


Cover Reveal: Game Changer by Collette West

Hello world! Today, I bring you a cover reveal of Collette West’s new novel, Game Changer. *woot woot* You may have heard of Collette West as I have done a previous cover reveal for Night Games, which also has a fabulous cover! I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for a good cover. And Game Changer is that – a good – nay, a BEAUTIFUL cover. Game Changer is due to hit stores on July 25, 2014.

So…here it goes…



Young, rich, and unaware of how seriously hot he is, Brooks Davison is tearing it up as the latest shortstop for the New York Kings, despite his tendency to blush whenever girls scream his name.

When a health scare forces his best friend, Kyle Roberts, off the team, no one can stomach the thought of replacing him, especially so close to the playoffs.

Until Kyle’s sister, Sasha, steps in, convincing management to let her take his place. The idea of signing the first female player in Major League history proves too tempting for the Kings to resist.

Nevertheless, Brooks doesn’t want any part of it. Sasha is Kyle’s little sister, not some sideshow.

Yet when Kyle takes a turn for the worse, Brooks promises to do everything in his power to help Sasha win a championship for him. Because there’s no way he’s letting either of them down. Not now, not ever.


Collette West grew up as somewhat of a jock-nerd hybrid. Entering the world three weeks premature, her dad nearly missed her birth because he had seats behind the dugout for a sold-out, highly-anticipated match-up between two of baseball’s biggest rivals. Not to be outdone, her book-loving mom taught her how to read by the time she was three. A love of the game coupled with an appreciation for the written word were instilled in Collette’s impressionable brain from a young age. No wonder her characters believe in the philosophy: sports + romance = a little slice of heaven.

Splitting her time between the Pocono Mountains and Manhattan, Collette indulges her inner fangirl by going to as many games as she can from hockey to baseball and downloading every sports romance novel in existence onto her iPad. When she’s not clicking away on her laptop, she enjoys walking her dog in Central Park, satisfying her caffeine craving at the Starbucks on Broadway and keeping an eye out for Mr. Right. But above all, she loves dishing with her readers. Email her at


I really like the idea for the novel. I mean, a girl playing for the Major Leagues? On a boys team? *whistles* I am interested to know where this is going! Definitely adding it to my never ending TBR list on Goodreads. What did you think? Let me know down in the comments below!




Goodbye June, Hello July

Ello lovelies! I hope you all are having a fantastic start of the week! I luckily had the day off after an unremarkable Fourth of July weekend. But it did rain…actual RAIN. It rained so much that the sidewalk flooded in my apartment complex. It was a beautiful sight to behold as Vegas does not get rain often.

What’s your favorite part about rain?

The rain this pass weekend definitely has to be one of my favorite things that has happened so far this month. For June, there are quite a few things that I absolutely adored. For May, it was quite uneventful – which is why I didn’t do post a May Monthly Favorites. May was rather dull and filled with homework, work, and doctor’s appointments. BLAH.

Anyways! I will chatter away if I do not get started :D As always, my monthly favorites consist of things I absolutely adored in the previous month (in this case June) as I welcome the new month.


Ed Sheeran has once again captured my heart with his lovely voice. If you have seen The Fault in Our Stars in theaters, you will surely have heard this song playing at the credits. I’ve actually cried multiple times upon hearing this song because it is the epitome of what the book stands for. I just….I love it.



This is one of those shows I watch religiously. Since it’s premiere in April, I have watched every single episode the following Monday on Hulu – thanks to Anna from The Writer Diaries.

Set in the volatile world of 17th century Massachusetts, ‘Salem’ explores what really fueled the town’s infamous witch trials and dares to uncover the dark, supernatural truth hiding behind the veil of this infamous period in American history. In Salem, witches are real, but they are not who or what they seem. – WGN

The thing I absolutely love about Salem is the sense of realism the show portrays. I like how the Protestant’s fled Britain in order to have religious freedom, yet they condemn anyone who is not like them. It is hypocritical, yet true to that time. I also love the lore of witches. The show mostly portrays the evil in witches. They have yet to explore the good side of witchcraft, which I thought they might in one specific character. But that unfortunately is not going to happen. Maybe? Possibly? I don’t know. I seem to theorize what may happen, but am often wrong.

I also really REALLY love the acting. I love Shane West, who has played in Nikita and is the infamous Landon Carter in A Walk to Remember. I love how he is strong and brave and is self-righteous. Then, there is Janet Montgomery, who had a guest role in Merlin, and now plays Mary Sibley, the town’s most powerful woman. I also love Seth Gabel (Cotton Mather) and (Tamzin Merchant (Anne Hale). I even like Elise Eberle (Mercy Lewis) for her amazing performance thus far. I think the show has a great cast full of actors we know and some we are not familiar with. But they make a great show full of lies, betrayal, mystery, and witchcraft.

If you love historical retellings, then Salem is a show for you. I’m really hoping that the season isn’t over just yet. Just give me a few more episodes WGN!


The Fault in Our Stars

This movie was irrevocably incredible. There are so many words, so many feels. Bottom line: The movie was everything I wanted. I wish I could say how I felt watching it without going into a terrible mess full of rambles and tears. I had my doubts concerning Shai and Ansel, but they portrayed Hazel and Augustus so well that it hurt. By the end of the movie, I was a blubbering mess, while my friends and I just sat their as the credits rolled, crying our eyes out.

The film was a YA movie adaption done at it’s absolute best. Better than that. It was…



Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat

Where has this been all my life? I love how this particular base coat, drys like a matte finish in seconds! No more waiting for that pesky base coat to dry in order to paint your nails. By the time, you are done coating your opposite hand, the first hand is dry and ready to go! Who wouldn’t love that?

I’ve notice that my nails have been growing quite fast (faster than usual) since I’ve started to use this base coat. My nail polish also lasts a lot longer (about two weeks) if I do not chip it away. (Nasty habit). If you love painting your nails like I do, I highly recommend this base coat. It’s a bit pricey ($18 on sale for $7) but it is well worth it!


American Library Association (ALA)


Two weeks ago, I was fortunate to go to the biggest book convention hosted in Vegas. I wasn’t sure what to think. I definitely did not expect to walk away with 100+ books and ARCs. I also did not expect to meet wonderful publishers, librarians, authors, and bloggers! I had so much fun, while simultaneously being sore and tired from carrying books.

I now have so many books that I have no idea where to put them. They are still unfortunately in their designated bags awaiting to be put on shelves (whenever I can acquire them).

The thing that surprised me was that everyone I bumped into (which is a lot as I am prone to be clumsy) were really nice and forgiving. I liked that because in Vegas people are not typically like that. You bump into someone and you either get a) dirty looks or b) yelled at for not being more careful. So it was a nice a surprising change to what I am used to.

My 5 top favorite most anticipated books are:

Black Ice by Becca Fitzapatrick

Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini

Falling into Place Amy Zhang

The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare

Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid


June came and went like spring. It didn’t seem entirely there and by the end it was gone completely. July is proving to be the same. We are already in our second week! Where does the time go? Soon enough it will be the end of summer break :O

What were your favorite things in June? Let me know down in the comments below! Or if you have your own monthly favorites post, be sure to leave a link!







Hello lovelies! It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of my musings. My boyfriend Kevin is an avid supporter of my writing and in hopes that inspiration may ignite the frivolous walls of mind – he’s created this mini writing challenge where one of us picks a topic and write about it. This isn’t the first time we’ve done this, but it is the first time he’s allowed me to share his piece with the world! And I will share mine as well.

I warn you, though, mine is REALLY SAD.

The topic in question was: Moon.


My moon.

Without the sun’s complement, you are invisible, alone, and unknown to us. The shining rays of your complement allow us to know who you are, and to allow you into our life as we did the beaming star in the sky.

Our moon.

Without your glistening twilight, you bring comfort to me, knowing that my love is gazing upon your surface at the exact moment that I do. You are the hope and solace that I need to bring content to my heart.

Her moon.

She sees the romance and adventure that you signify, and her heart is filled with your embrace. You hold her as I would – every single night for the rest of her nights.


If it wasn’t for the sun, we would never know the beauty of the moon. The world would be cast into darkness once the set, taking with it the only source of light we know.

I look out into the sea now, basking in the cool air that surrounds me, and think of such things. I think of how similar that natural outcome is comparable to life, to mine.

It’s a year today, since I’ve lost him. He went swiftly and willingly, letting the madness overcome every fiber of his being. Until one day, he was carried away by the vigilant hand that is death.

He was my moon, lighting the dark tunnel I went into at times. He was the only person who could light up my world like that. I didn’t know how he did it, but I wish he would have shared his secret with me before he left me…


My only regret was not saving him, like he had saved me all those times before.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be your moon as you were mine.


If I can get Kevin to write with me every week (or maybe it’ll be the other way around), would you guys like to see these kinds of post more often? Let me know! Maybe this will be the thing that causes something to stir deep within me; a story begging to be told.

Until next time,


Cover Reveal: Unleased (Uninvited #2) by Sophie Jordan

Hello lovelies! Long time no see. Talk? Chat. I’ve been a ghost, I know. But…today I am super excited to be a part of Sophie Jordan’s cover reveal of Unleashed, the sequel to Uninvited. Unleashed is due to come to a book store near you or download as an e-book as early as 2015!

So here it is…the highly anticipated cover reveal of Unleashed, book 2 in Sophie Jordan’s Uninvited series!


What if the worst thing you ever did was unforgivable?

Davy’s world fell apart after she tested positive for Homicidal Tendency Syndrome. She was expelled from her school, dumped by her boyfriend, abandoned by friends, and shipped off to a camp that turns HTS carriers into soldiers. Davy may have escaped, but the damage has already been done. The unthinkable has happened. Now, even worse than having everyone else see her as a monster is the knowledge that they may have been right about her all along. Because Davy has killed.

On the run from government agents, Davy is rescued by Caden, the charismatic leader of an underground group of rebels. Despite Caden’s assurances that the Resistance is made up of carriers like her, Davy isn’t sure she can trust them. Then again, she doesn’t even know if she can trust herself . . . or her growing feelings for Caden. But if she doesn’t belong with Caden and his followers, is there anywhere she can call home?


I thought being labeled a killer and losing everything—my future, family, boyfriend, friends—was the worst thing that could ever happen to me. It’s not. Finding out they were right. Finding out that’s exactly what I am?

That’s worse.


I absolutely LOVE the cover! I love how Davy looks like a total badass and is ready to take on the world! I also love that the cover was kept in the same color scheme and concept as the first book. I LIKE THAT A LOT, OKAY? And that teaser! AH! I cannot wait for this sequel. I NEED IT IN MY HANDS NOW. WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT SO LONG? TIS NOT FAIR!

*takes a deep breath*

Okay. Okay…I’m GOOD.

What did you guys think of the cover? And that teaser! Let me know your thoughts!

Oh! And in case you haven’t read Uninvited, here is the trailer for it. Enjoy!



Goodbye April, Hello May

April went by so fast, didn’t it? The weeks just seemed to disappear as the weather got a little warmer. In Vegas, the weather has been a little unpredictable. We had a beautiful warm weekend and then, the wind came tumbling through. It’s currently very windy and chilly. But hey, I’m not complaining. I love chilly weather!

As always, welcoming the new month leads to remembering the last. Here, on Books Forget Me Knot, I showcase all my favorites from the previous month (April). I like sharing my favorite books, music, shows, movies, ect.

So let’s get started, shall we?


Into The Still Blue by Veronica Rossi. This book. THIS BOOK TOOK ME OVER A MONTH TO FINISH. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how I really don’t like finishing series’. I tend to read them very slowly, savoring every single detail. I wasn’t capable of quickly reading and I didn’t want to. I knew that it was going to be the last time I read about these extraordinary characters and the world that Rossi beautifully created. I won’t say much about the book in general because I did write a full no-spoiler review of this book. But, if you have not read this series I urge you to do so. It’s FANTASTIC.


Do you watch Reign? This song may sound a little familiar if so. My absolute favorite song in April was Scotland by The Lumineers. I love that it’s dark and upbeat with great musical acoustics.



The 100

Set 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, when a spaceship housing humanity’s lone survivors sends 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet. — IMDB

Okay. So I did not think I would like this show as much as I love it. I would categorize it as post-apocalyptic and sci-fi because of the world building and plot. I absolutely love the plot of the show, how earth was destroyed by a nuclear war almost 100 years ago. And now, these 100 juvenile criminals are sent down to the ground to see if it’s survivable.

What I like about the show is how…believable and realistic it is. How kids (who are criminals) act with one another, wanting to be free of the tyranny from The Ark, and how that shapes how they want to run their group on Earth. The dynamics between the characters are also interesting. As the show progresses, relationships are built and tested. I like how we don’t get to see just one side of them. For example, I really did not like Octavia the first episode, but I have come to really like her.

I say give this a chance and to not listen to harsh critics. Here’s the trailer for The 100 to see if you’d be even remotely interested :)



Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate Lipgloss

I really love how easy and applicable this lipgloss is. And it absolutely smells delicious! I can’t help licking my lips whenever I wear it. I know, I know. That may be a TMI. It’s a little expensive, but affordable if you by 3 lipglosses for $15. 1 lipgloss cost $9. I think it’s a bargain to buy 3, but that’s just me! Also, the deal may be different now than the time I did purchase it.


SC20140506-172310Frozen Freefall

I discovered this game on my trip to WonderCon. It was a really great distraction and passed the time quickly while I waited in lines for screenings, signings, ect. The game is also pretty darn addictive! It’s a Frozen bejeweled version. I’m currently on level 29 and STUCK. But I cannot stop myself from opening the app and trying to beat the level!


Super Mario 64

Yes. I have crossed over to the dark side. Okay, so not really! When I was a kid I loved playing video games. The really old, good kind. Like Mario 64, Donkey Kong, Sonic, Zelda, ect. Recently, I bought a Nintendo 3DS and bought Super Mario 64. I became addicted instantly! The game took me about 3 weeks to beat because I don’t spend too many hours of the day playing. I mostly play in bed before I go to sleep and in the morning to wake me up.

The game definitely brought back nostalgia. I really loved collecting stars and beating bosses’ as well as the big ol’ bad boss himself, Bowser. The game is easy on a gamer level, but it’s also really fun to play! Well, for me anyways.

Now, I’m on a mission to find another game to play on my DS. I would kindly take any and all suggestions!


So that’s it! I didn’t have a lot of favorites in April, but what I did enjoy I absolutely loved! I’m trying to get a lot more reading done this month as school does end in a week! (Yes. FREEDOM). I also have dozens and dozens of books on my shelf that I need to organize and read. I’m thinking of going on a Book Buying Ban to minimize my book buying, and also give myself a chance to read all the books on my TBR shelf.

Lastly, I hope May is good to me and you. It’s my birthday in exactly six days. I’m going to finally be 21 babeh! But, I probably won’t do any stereotypical 21 things like go out and get drunk because it is finals week for me. But I will celebrate! Not necessarily with drinking though. That is so overrated.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

With love always,



Book Review: Into The Still Blue (Through The Evernight #3) by Veronica Rossi

Author: Veronica Rossi

Publisher: HarperCollins

Release date: January 28, 2014

Pages/Format: 392, Hardcover

Purchase from Amazon | Barnes & Noble


The race to the Still Blue has reached a stalemate. Aria and Perry are determined to find this last safe haven from the Aether storms before Sable and Hess do–and they are just as determined to stay together.

Within the confines of a cave they’re using as a makeshift refuge, they struggle to reconcile their people, Dwellers and Outsiders, who are united only in their hatred of their desperate situation. Meanwhile, time is running out to rescue Cinder, who was abducted by Hess and Sable for his unique abilities. Then Roar arrives in a grief-stricken fury, endangering all with his need for revenge.

Out of options, Perry and Aria assemble an unlikely team for an impossible rescue mission. Cinder isn’t just the key to unlocking the Still Blue and their only hope for survival–he’s also their friend. And in a dying world, the bonds between people are what matter most. — Goodreads


I’m grateful for this series, for it’s originality and ability to take me on an adventure that I will surely not forget.

Initial Reaction at the End of the Book: A thrilling and unbelievably beautiful ending to an unforgettable story.

First, can we talk about the gorgeous cover? AH. I LOVE how Aria and Perry are BOTH making an appearance together. It’s PERFECTION and beautifully shadows their journey for the Still Blue.

Into The Still Blue was a month long journey, a time that I desperately did not want to end. I tend to get like this, distracting myself from finishing the last book of a series because I simply do not want to let go of the characters I’ve grown to love and see as friends.

So, I slowly read and engulfed myself in the beautiful and perilous world of Into The Still Blue. The world that Veronica Rossi has created is simply magical and captivating. It’s like nothing I have ever read in my life! It’s original and imaginative, not to mention, realistic. Sure, it’s a dystopian sci-fi novel (as I like to categorize it), but it does not mean that it cannot happen in the distant future.

That’s what I like about good dystopian novels – that they make you think of it’s possibility.

In the final installment of this trilogy, Aria and Perry race against the aether to find the Still Blue, a place that is untouched by the aether that threatens to consume all that they love. The adventure is what I deeply love about this novel. There is never a moment that is…unconventional or is used as a filler to occupy a couple of pages. Everything has a purpose. From composing a plan to infiltrate Sable’s compound to the stolen sweet moments between Aria and Perry; everything is meaningful.

I loved the little moments that Aria and Perry could share, which were not many. But that’s why I treasured them. Because they used the small frame of time they had with one another and made the best of it. I also loved the moments of friendship between Roar/Aria and Perry/Roar. I loved that I could smile even when things were at there worst. They had hope, which in turn, made me have hope in them.

The authenticity between the characters was simply…

I liked how Rossi’s characters are not two-dimensional. An array of feelings are conveyed in every single character and I love that. I love how Aria breaks down at one point, I love how Roar hurts, his pain seeping through the pages of the book. I love how Perry withdraws…I love every single thing that was felt while reading. A great writer makes you feel and that’s what Veronica Rossi managed. She made me feel for these characters and I love her for it.

I will always remember how bittersweet the ending was for me. It left me…sad and happy. I literally finished reading on my trip at WonderCon this pass weekend. I was in bed and I just smiled, reading the last sentence. I closed the book and felt…sad – because it’s the end – and happy – because everything turned out better than I could have hoped.

I’m so grateful for this series, for it’s originality and ability to take me on an adventure that I will surely not forget; for characters that left a mark on my heart, and for hope in finding my Still Blue.


If you have reservations about picking up this series, I will end all doubts here. If you’re looking for something original, engrossing, and fast-paced this is the book for you! You won’t be disappointed in where it takes you, and if you are feel free to come back and yell at me. Seriously.

…and lastly (in case you couldn’t guess) the final verdict? Into The Still Blue is deemed a well deserved 5 cupcakes!



Simply Sunday #6

simply sunday

Simply Sunday is a reading meme hosted by Books For a Delicate Eternity. It’s where you share your favorite quote; be it from a book movie, novella, song, ect.

My favorite quote this week is from George R. R. Martin, author of the infamous A Game of Thrones, the first book in his Song of Ice and Fire series.

The most important thing for any aspiring writer, I think, is to read! And not just the sort of thing you’re trying to write, be that fantasy, SF, comic books, whatever. You need to read everything. Read fiction, non-fiction, magazines, newspapers. Read history, historical fiction, biography. Read mystery novels, fantasy, SF, horror, mainstream, literary classics, erotica, adventure, satire. Every writer has something to teach you, for good or ill. (And yes, you can learn from bad books as well as good ones — what not to do).

Why I Chose It

As an aspiring writer I like that Martin suggests reading. And not just what genre I like writing, but everything. That’s where I fail. I mostly read YA books because…well, I can identify with them the best. Although, I have read books that are not YA like The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, which is historical fiction, set in the time of King Arthur. It took me about 2 weeks to read the book because it was massive! But I enjoyed it nonetheless. I also love classics like The Great Gatsby, A Tale of Two Cities, and Frankenstein.

I want to become a diverse reader, reading middle grade and science fiction and fantasy. The last two I’ve read in the YA genre, but I have not crossed over to the land of adult fiction. I want to read Stephen King book and be utterly terrified and awestruck by his writing. I want to read more classics. I want to read more children’s books. I want to read…everything. I want to learn something from everything I read, even the bad ones that I’ll teach me what not to do.

It’s wanting vs. doing that has me at a standstill. I need to stop wanting and just make it into a reality. That’s what I’m going to do this summer. Work on my diversity in reading and hopefully I’ll achieve it.

So, what are your thoughts about George R. R. Martin’s advice? Let me know down in the comments!

Got your own Simply Sunday? Leave a link down below! Or if you don’t, let me know what was your favorite simple thing this week :)


Writer’s Digest Contest

Do you write YA? Have a finished unpublished YA novel? Then, this is the perfect contest for you!

I’m a little late for this as I just saw a blog post about this very contest over at Julie’s blog, The Read Room.

The deadline for the Writer’s Digest annual Dear Lucky Agent Contest is today (April 9, 2014). Submissions are open until the end of today PST. This round is open to all young adult fiction entries. There are no subgenres, so anything is game IF it’s YA!

All you need for submission is:

  • The first 150-200 words of your unpublished, completed book-length work of young adult fiction.
  • The title of your piece and a logline (one-sentence description of the work).


  • Mention this contest twice through any any social-media.

Tha’ts it! Easy peasy, right?

Why You Should Enter

Top 3 winners all get:

  •  1) A critique of the first 10 double-spaced pages of your work, by your agent judge.
  • 2) A free one-year subscription to ($50 value)!


  • 3) It’s easy and COMPLETELY FREE!

So one more time…here is what you need to enter:

  1. The first 150-200 words of your unpublished, completed book-length work of young adult fiction.
  2. You must include a contact e-mail address with your entry and use your real name.
  3. Also, submit the title of the work and a logline (one-sentence description of the work) with each entry.
  4. To be eligible to submit, you must mention this contest twice through any any social-media. Provide proof of a social-media link or Twitter handle or screenshot or blog post URL, etc., with your official e-mailed entry so the judge and I can verify eligibility.

To learn more about the contest rules and how to enter, visit the official contest page.

Why are you still reading this? GO! Deadline is today at midnight!

May the odds be ever in your favor.





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