30 Day Writing Challenge: Milk

Every day after work I treated myself to something healthy and sweet.

Almond Milk.

It was my absolute favorite. Well, my most recent something favorite. I’ve tried skim milk and it wasn’t for me. There was no sweetness to skim milk; just a bitter tasting feeling left on my tongue. Regular milk was just as good! But no sweetness.

One time my baby brother spilled my cup of Almond Milk all over the table. It was unfortunate. But the dogs got a treat!


Simple and sweet! Just like Almond Milk! It’s not too late to join in on the fun! You can do this writing challenge any time you’d like :)



30 Day Writing Challenge: Storm, Decay, and Ink

The missing excerpts for October 4th, 5th, and 6th.



Lightening and thunder matted the sky on a perfectly sunny day. At least, it had been a couple of hours ago. Now, a storm waged with over powering winds and rain that could flood the city.

I watched from my window as the branches from our big oak tree hit the glass. When the thunder roared I flinched. I didn’t like the sound. Lightening I could handle. I liked how it streaked the sky, a violent cry from the gods above. It was beautiful, watching the lightening light the sky every few seconds.

The thunder kept me awake all night, it’s booming crackling sending shivers down my spine.

I curled up in my blanket and held Mr. Bunny close to my chest. Later, when the storm had passed, I fell asleep to the light pattering of rain on my window sill.



Her teeth were rotted, her bones weathered with decay.



He sat alone at a table, an open book lay before him. Pens littered the space around him and indecipherable words scrawled haphazardly on lined paper. As I approached I noticed ink on his hands. It looked like a pen may have betrayed him, exploding all over his hands and dotting a few places on his pristine blue collared shirt.

I liked the look on his face. His brows were etched in concentration and his eyes were solely on the blank book before him. I wouldn’t have noticed him if the coffee shop hadn’t been full to the brink. His table was the only one available and I was slightly curious to find what captivated him so.

“Mind if I sit here?”

He looked up, blue eyes lingering on my brown ones for a moment. Then, he pushed away his beautifully chaotic mess aside and gave me a share of his space.

“Thank you.”

He nodded and went back to starring at the blank book before him. I left him alone with his thoughts until my pumpkin spice latte was cool enough to drink. Curiosity was a virtue engraved in my soul. I could not stop myself from asking, “Penny for your thoughts?”

He slowly looked up and blinked – like it was the first time he was seeing me.

“It seems my muse has left me.”

I cocked my head to the side, assessing his work splayed before him. “You need some fairy dust.”

He smiled, softening the crease between his brows. “Do you know where to find some?”

It was my turn to smile. Men didn’t usually go along with my quirkiness. “I’ve been told that beneath St. George’s Bridge lies an old man who sells fairy dust in exchange for your soul.”

He raised his brows in amusement and I coyly hid my grin by sipping on my latte.

“Will you go with me? To find this man.”

I gasped. “No! You wouldn’t! Surely fairy dust is not worth your soul.”

He closed the book in front of him and began to gather the pages into a neat pile. Something lurched inside me and I realized that I was saddened to see him go so soon.

“No, but an adventure would surely spark my muse to return.” He then quickly scrawled something on a blank sheet of paper, folded it, and hand it to me. “Until we meet again.”

He tipped his hat as a farewell. I watched him walk out of the cafe and into the biting January air. Once he was out of sight, I opened the note and saw ten numbers along with his name.



30 Day Writing Challenge: Drunk, Fingers, and Hair

The missing excerpts for October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.



I didn’t like these sorts of gatherings. The stench of alcohol and sweat heavy in the air, the vibration of the booming stereo system, and the buzzing created by words all around me. The moment Kenna had begun driving up the interstate and to the infamous barn was the exact time and place that I had regretted my decision to go out.

From the sofa, I watched Kenna as she foolishly drunk herself into a dizzying face. I’m guessing that that is the only reason why she brought me. She had appointed me as the DD for the night. I kept an eye on her. I’d be damned if anything happened to her on my watch. Besides, she was my roommate and best friend no matter the hell she was putting me through.

What were best friends for? Plus, this was giving me real life experience – something that Kenna said I needed more in my life rather than reading about it.



We lay there, beneath the stars, counting the moments we had together until our last days on earth. With fingers intertwined, Nath whispered to me the things he wished to do. He wanted to travel the world, capturing beautiful moments between people he never met. He wanted to visit his father’s grave in Amsterdam and walk the streets his mother did before she came to the states. Lastly, Nath wanted to know one thing from me:

“Do you love me?”

I turned to him, his eyes glistening with hope and unshed tears. He didn’t have much time and that thought seized my heart. I couldn’t imagine a world without Nath and yet, here we were, imagining it because it would soon become reality.

“Yes,” I whispered. “Yes.”

His smiled and tugged me closer to him. As silently as the wind stirring around us, he said, “I will always love you.”



After a long a trying day at work, I sunk into the sofa, feeling the tension of my muscles cramp. My mother came in the room to greet me. One look at me and she knew.

I couldn’t help but start crying and told her everything within the last ten hours.

First, it was the coffee spill all over my new red blouse on the subway.

Then, it was Rainer treating me like shit after I turned him down for a date by making me run errands that didn’t pertain to my job. But I was his secretary so I had to oblige.

After lunch, I heard several rumors about Rainer and I breaking up (as if we were ever dating!). It explained why he was treating me like a slave rather than a decent human being.

On the walk towards the subway, my heel broke. I had to limp 2 blocks and look like a completely deranged woman with panda eyes.

Finally, when I thought nothing could get worst, I leave my wallet at work causing me to miss the 5 o’clock car and walk all the way back to work, running into Rainer. He didn’t have much to say other than perverse words that I dare not repeat to my mother.

I told her my misfortunes as she stroked my hair like she used to when I was a kid. It was strangely soothing and before I knew it I was falling asleep under her comforting presence.

Goodbye September, Hello October

Hi lovelies! I am so happy to live in a word where there are Octobers. Why? Well, it’s a beautiful month here in Vegas. The weather gets slightly cooler. It’s still hot (like in the high 80’s and low 90’s) but it cool weather for the people who reside here. I even notice the cool air in the mornings when I go to work! It’s heaven on earth. I am so excited for sweater weather! I am ready to buy lots of cute sweaters on Vinted and enjoy pumpkin spice lattes! They are my absolute favorite.

As always, my monthly favorites post consist of my favorite things for the previous month (September) as I welcome in the new month. Let’s start with my favorite subject….BOOKS!

Favorite Book

Of Metal and Wishes by Sarah Fine. I absolutely adored this novel! When I found out that it was a retelling of Phantom of the Opera, I had to get it. I told Anna about it from The Writer Diaries, and she got it for me within a week! My thoughts when finishing the novel were:

A beloved classic comes to life in this beautiful modern retelling. Sarah Fine weaves a story both new and old, filling the pages with parallels of social constructs during a time of repression, and captivating us with a love story unlike any other. I loved this to pieces and cannot wait for the second installment!

As you can see, I really loved this book. What I also love is the cover! And the cover for the sequel is gorgeous! I would definitely recommend this book to fans of modern retellings :)

Favorite Music

So I may be a little too late for this summer hit, but hey…I just recently started listening to Habits (Stay High) by Tove Lo and it’s pretty darn amazing! I can’t stop humming it when I’m at work.


Favorite Show

Doctor Who

…and it’s BACK on the air! If you have been with me from the beginning, you will know that I am a Whovian at heart. Last month, began the new season of DW with Peter Capaldi. Now, I didn’t know how I would feel about him as I adored Matt Smith  (He will forever be my favorite doctor. Don’t judge me) but he surprised me with his performance. Capaldi’s doctor is truly mad and it is best depicted in the first episode of the season.

Anyways, as River Song says “No Spoilers,” I truly do not want to spoil you! If you haven’t seen this British Drama I highly recommend it. It’s full of witty banter, charisma, and loads of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.

Favorite App


I absolutely love how easy and user friendly this language learning app is to use. I am currently learning Spanish (to better my grammatical and spelling skills) and German. I was learning Russian using Rosetta Stone but alas, it was too complicated. I may give Russian another go using this app.

The thing that I love about this app is how easy it is to learn. I love how new words are highlighted and given meaning, allowing the user to actually learn the word and commit it to memory. I also love the reciting aspect, where the computer says the sentence and then the user repeats it with a close-to-right pronunciation. Lastly, I love the pictures that make it very easy to translate from English to Spanish or to whatever language you are learning.

Favorite Beauty Product

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color

My absolute favorite thing about these nail polishes are how extremely affordable they are. The nail polishes only cost 99 cents. A bargain! I know what you may be thinking, cheap nail polishes are not very good. But that is not true here. The opacity of the nail polish is light so I do two coats (like most polishes) and the brushes compliment the nails very well. Honestly, this polish works better than my expensive nail polishes.

If you don’t like wasting too much money on nail polishes, then this brand is the one for you! Trust me. You’ll be surprised.


That is all for September’s monthly favorites! What did you like in the month of September? Let know down in the comments below! Don’t be shy :)

I hope October treats us all well. I’m super stoked for Halloween. I will be staying in and watching scary movies!

Take care,


30 Day Writing Challenge: Sister

I’ve always imagined what it would be like to have a sister.

Being an only child has its perks, like being spoiled rotten (thought I do not act like a brat). At least, I hope not. There is also no one else to compare to with expectations.

On the other hand, being an only child is terribly lonely.

I remember days when I was a kid, playing by myself in my room – my parents being too busy to play with me. I don’t have many friends, not even when I was a kid. There’s no one I can talk to about clothes and boys. Well, there is Michael but he doesn’t count.

I wish I had an older sister, someone I can go to for advice.

I can’t tell Michael because well…the advice is about him. Like how would I tell him how I feel without ruining our friendship? Or should I tell him at all?

These are the things a sister would surely know the answers to because she would have been through the same predicaments long before me.

Mom would be the next person I’d go to, but she is always busy; stuck in her office stressed about legal proceedings like court dates and affidavits. Dad would be useless. Any mention of a “girl thing” and he runs away, letting Mom handle it.

I wonder what my sister would say now. Would she tell me to take a chance with Michael or leave it as it is?

As I pace the perimeter of my bedroom, there is a soft knock on my window that startles me. Michael is outside. A grin lights up his green his with amusement.

“What are you doing here?”

He taps his watch twice. “Did you forget? Meteor shower. Tonight. Eight o’clock.”

I hit my forehead. How could I have forgotten? “Yes! Let me just get my coat.”

I cross my room and grab my coat. Before I leave, I grab a piece of paper and scribble a note to the parentals, letting them know about my whereabouts for the night. I wouldn’t want them to freak out and think a stranger kidnapped me.

I climb out of my window with Micheal’s help, almost knocking him over due to my clumsiness. “Ready?”

I nod. He reaches out his hand and I grab it like so many times before. But unlike the past years where this act was a sign of solace, his touch sent a shock to my system.

Tell him.

I smiled, thinking about a sister who would advice me to tell him the feelings I had kept hidden for over a  year.

In the end, it never was about having a sister or not. My heart and mind knew what to do, it was just getting my mouth to say what was hidden inside.

Laying down, beneath a blanket in the park, with the stars falling across the sky, I told Michael the truths of my heart.



30 Day Writing Challenge: Villain

I found him in the cellar, the place where it all began.

It was dark, the steps creaking beneath my feet. I could hear the blood rushing to my head. My heart an impending crescendo as I walked to an uncertainty. He was the villain of my story and it was time that his reign of terror came to an end.

I reached the bottom of the stairs and saw his body hunched over the sink. He whistled a tune that was meant to be sweet. Instead it was twisted and ominous. He was the monster I had vanquished from my mind as a child. Somehow, he had returned with a vengeance and sought the blood of everyone I cared about.

My hands trembled with the knife in my hand. I should have done this a long time ago. I could have same them all if I had.

He stopped whistling and turned his head towards me. An evil grin was plastered on his face. His teeth were animal-like, sharp and deadly.

“Look whose come to play. Little Annie, how I’ve missed you.”

He lunged for me and I dodged. It had been years since I last had encountered him in my nightmares. It did not mean that I had forgotten his sick games. On the contrary, I remembered everything.

I played his game, caught between a deadly dance and the will to survive – to end this.

I received my chance the moment I offered myself as bait. He didn’t resist the blood he had shed with his claws. I pretended to be defenseless, backing away from his advances. It wasn’t until he got me in a corner and knelled, ready to devour me that I swiftly unsheathed the blade tucked behind my back and struck him right between his eyes.

I was prepared for blood. What I didn’t expect was his body crumpling to ashes and bones.



30 Day Writing Challenge: Teeth, Bones, and Heart

Three days, I missed three days of this! Oh, I’m a mess right now….kudus to those who can finished the lyrics. As a means to get right on track, I will post all 3 excerpts in one post. They are short, written on my breaks for lunch at work. Promise!



I listened to the soft pitter patter of rain against the window pane. The sound was an all consuming beat, drowning the sadness that lingered in the pit of my stomach.

Two years. I had given myself to him completely for two years just so that it could be broken in a matter of seconds. He never gave me a chance to explain. He didn’t even look back as he walked away.

For him – a blessing in disguise.

For me – regret.

Tears threatened to escape, my stomach tightening at the sudden emptiness. He had left me alone and broken.

“Six cheese bagel with strawberry smear and a strawberry smoothie?”

I looked up at Mason, holding my favorite order from Einstein’s Bagels. A smile spread easily on my lips and he sat down across my desk.

“There are those teeth that I like so much. You should use them to bite this in the ass.”

I let out a small chuckle. He was right. I was better than this. And I could and would get passed this.

“Thank you,” I gestured at the bag, “for this. I’m starved.”

The smile lite up his blue eyes. “Well, it’s a good thing I ordered for two.”



Lily had found the bones in her backyard on a Sunday. Her little brother, Steven, had been pretending to be an archeologist. He had recently learned about the profession in school and wanted to be one. Under Lily’s supervision, Steven was allowed to dig in the backyard, finding knick knacks left behind by previous owners.

Now, police personnel filled the perimeter of her house, gathering evidence and statements.

Lily was only fourteen, while Steven was seven. There wasn’t much the police was getting out of them.

But their parents were a different story. Mr. Newman, Lily’s father, had a secret even he wished to keep from his family.



I fit perfectly in his arms as I relished the warmth of his body tucked gingerly next to mine. I listened to the quiet rhythm of his heart.

After a few minutes I noticed something wrong. There was a skip, a missing beat.

“You’re heart,” I said slowly, “it’s…”

“I have a small murmur. I’ve had it all my life.”

I pressed my head closer to his chest, as if the distance would make it easier to detect where the murmur was located. It was to no avail. It was silly, really – to think that I could figure out it’s residence.

“Does it hurt?”

“No.” He ran a hand through my hair, sending small shivers down my spine. “I’ve learned to live with it. It’s nothing you should worry about.”

But I did worry. My father had died due to a heart murmur that he had never known about. I didn’t want the same for Ethan.

My heart couldn’t bear it if I lost him too.


So that is it! I know they are a bit awkward, but I hope they were a wee bit enjoyable :) I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Until next time,


30 Day Writing Challenge: Ash

He washed upon the shore, a clad figure in black.

Photographers swarmed the scene minutes after the police had arrived. Yellow tape was issued as a means to get the crowd under control and to protect evidence.

Detective Raymond lead me through the scene, reporters yelling my name, trying to get any sort of information from me. I ignored them as I always do. Politics was not why I was here. I was called only for special cases. My guess was that this was the work of the new killer in San Fran. He lurked the streets at night, burning his victims. Only ash and bones remained in the end, making it rather difficult to identify the victim.

Raymond’s hand lingered on my shoulder as we approached the body; his hand offering protection against the sight. As if I needed protection. I had seen worse.

My dreams were filled with monsters and dead bodies, multiplying every day the killer remained in the city.


So much gloom! I can’t wait to make a light and fun excerpt! Tomorrow’s word is teeth. Hmm…would you all like to see something light or dark for the topic? Let me know down in the comments! Also, feel free to jump in at any time with this 30 day writing challenge!




Cover Reveal: Rebellion by J.A. Souders

Today J.A. Souders and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover for Rebellion, book 3 in the Elysium Chronicles, releasing June 5, 2015! Check out the gorgeous cover and enter the giveaway down below to win books!

On to the reveal! Shall we?



Rebellion (Elysium Chronicles #3)

Author: J.A. Souders

Publisher: TOR Teen

Release date: June 9, 2015

Find it: Goodreads

A synopsis is not read for this book, but check out the synopsis for Renegade and Revelations (the first two books in the series). They also have beautiful covers!


J.A. Souders is the author of the Elysium Chronicles and lives in the land of sunshine and palm trees with her husband and two children where she spends her time writing about monsters under the bed, day dreaming about living in an underwater colony, and failing miserably at playing video games.


Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Pinterest

Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive Elysium and Revelations, plus the e-novellas. The winner will also receive a copy of Ask Again Later by Liz Czukas. If you have J.A.s books already, she will do an amazon or book depository gift card of the same values. OPEN INTERNATIONALLY.

Enter a Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win the books!

May the odds be ever in your favor.


30 Day Writing Challenge: Hero

I’ve decided to finally start a 30 Day Writing Challenge that I found online a few months ago! It’s time that I stopped sitting idling and actually write every day like I use to. So this challenge will help me with that goal. – Based on the remnants of a dream, a dream that I’m pretty sure is fueled by my obsession over Criminal Minds, I’ve written this piece.


I ran to him, stumbling over jagged rocks and twigs. My hair caught on a branch and I tripped over a log, landing hard on my knees.


Kade was beside me in seconds, his feet crunching over fallen leaves. Behind him, I heard the distant sound of shouts and barking. Lights flickered on the ground and settled on my face. I closed my eyes and nestled my face into his chest.

“We’ve found her,” someone said followed by a static answer.

“Wendy, I’m Agent Kent. I need you to tell me where he is.”

I looked up and saw a man crouched beside us. He was older with soft brown eyes. Looking back at Kade I saw he wore a black vest. Upon further examination I noticed it was a bullet proof vest.

These weren’t ordinary police personnel. They were FBI. They scattered throughout the woods, combing the area, looking for the place where I had been kept.

“You’re safe, Wen. You’re safe now.”

I wanted to cry in relief. Kade had found me with the bread crumbs I had left behind. The small trinkets from my charm bracelet had served to be a blessing.

“Go straight and left at the fork.” My voice shook. I swallowed, trying to calm down. “You’ll see a cottage. That’s where he kept me. That’s where he still should be.”

Kent dispatched the rest of his people into the woods while he stayed behind, shrugging off his jacket and wrapping me in it.

“Did he follow you?” Kent asked.

I shook my head. Kent’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. I didn’t give him a chance to ask the question that lingered on his tongue. I answered, knowing what it would be.

“I left him screaming when I plunged a screwdriver into his leg.”

Kent nodded, understanding flickering in his eyes. He stood up and laid a hand on Kade’s shoulder, giving it a small squeeze. “You were a hero today. You helped us save her.”

Kade looked at me and kissed my forehead. “No, she saved herself.”


Okay. So I think that I should probably stop watching Criminal Minds before I go to bed. Do you agree? Anyways, if you’d like to join me on this writing adventure, the words for the writing challenge will down below! Hope you’ll join in on the fun! :)

30 days writing challenge




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